Learn to heal the emotional triggers created by trauma

If you are seeking an inspirational, accessible speaker on trauma who can blend lived experience with deep expert knowledge, look no further than Liz Mullinar.

Liz Mullinar is a globally renowned trauma recovery expert and survivor of trauma

Over 20 years ago, Liz pioneered Australia’s first trauma recovery program – Heal For Life – a peer support approach that empowers survivors of childhood trauma to recognise and heal emotional triggers, transforming painful memories into meaningful, permanent healing.

Liz helps therapists empower survivors to heal themselves

The Heal For Life model has helped over 8,500 people across Australia, The UK and the Philippines to experience healing and has been independently evaluated to achieve significant, long-term benefits to mental health, emotional and social functioning, pain and vitality.

Liz Mullinar TED talk: TEDx Newcastle

Liz speaks about the the impact of trauma on mental illness and addiction in her TEDx talk, ‘Treating the core problem of childhood trauma’.

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