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Heal For Life: How to Heal from the Pain of Childhood Trauma
By Liz Mullinar

Heal For Life is a book that helps survivors of childhood trauma and abuse to heal. This book provides a comprehensive, practical guide to healing based on the same model of care that has helped over 8,500 survivors find inner peace, joy and hope for a brighter future.

Heal For Life Reviews & Praise

“By picking up this book you have taken the first step to taking responsibility for your healing through embarking on a journey of self discovery. Keep reading and your life will change in ways you never dared to dream.”
–Dr Peri O’Shea, B.Soc.Sc. Psych.Hons. M.Soc.Pol. PhD, Lived Experience Academic and Consultant

“Heal For Life conveys everything you need to know about healing from childhood trauma. The enormity and excitement of reading a book on healing of this calibre left me with a huge feeling of hope. Survivors need to find tools, knowledge and a way to heal to go forward in life, this book provides this.”
–Lorraine Hall, Author of Our Little Secret

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Breaking the Silence: Survivors of child abuse speak out (1997)
By Liz Mullinar & Candida Hunt

Over one hundred members and supporters of Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse (ASCA) write movingly and openly about their experiences.

The Liz Mullinar Story (1997)
By Liz Mullinar & Simon Hopkinson

Arriving in Australia in 1966 with her husband Rod, Liz Mullinar thought she had gone to heaven. After the break-up of her marriage three years later, Liz decided to stay on and start Australia’s first-ever casting consultancy. From risky beginnings, she succeeded brilliantly. However, in 1993 — at the height of her career, casting, teaching and happily remarried — her life changed.

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