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If you are seeking an inspirational, accessible speaker on trauma who can blend lived experience with deep expert knowledge, look no further than Liz Mullinar. See below for some of Liz’s most popular keynote speaker topics. 

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4 Steps To Enable Permanent Healing From Complex Trauma

In this globally renowned presentation, Liz uncovers the theory and practices behind the Heal For Life model to demonstrate how participants can safely process and integrate trauma to reclaim their lives.

This practical and experiential presentation includes: a trauma-informed action plan, video presentation and case studies to reinforce this client-centred, peer developed program for use in private practice. This will enable participants to extend their therapeutic modalities in order to more safely and effectively support clients of childhood trauma towards healing.

The greatest problem for adult survivors of childhood trauma is the inability to recognise triggers from childhood trauma and to know how to release these triggers so as to deactivate the fight-flight-freeze-flop response.  Neuroscience informs us that this response is automatic and that it is one of the prime causes of behavioural and emotional problems for survivors of trauma.


The Hidden Epidemic

Liz provides an eye-opening look into the relationship between mental illness, addiction and childhood trauma, providing a compelling case for why trauma healing must be part of any recovery plan.

She uncovers the hidden resources every survivor has within themselves that help lay out the pathway for healing. An inspiring, empowering presentation for anyone who has experienced struggle or difficulty in childhood.

Working with Trauma

How to build relationships with clients that empower real change

When staff aren’t able to provide effective outcomes for their clients, emotional and mental strain sets in. Since most users of mental health and community services have experienced trauma, professionals in these sectors need effective tools.

Described as “essential learning” for anyone working with trauma, this presentation provides practical, empowering strategies for health professionals to help them manage the emotional stress of daily interactions with traumatised clients and help ensure they reach their goals.

What people are saying about Liz

It was really powerful hearing what helps survivors from survivors. It gives me the confidence to work with survivors and empower them to take opportunities to make change.

Roisin Orchard

I found the training really helpful and easy to understand – concise and direct. I appreciated the inclusion of culture and spirituality as this is something that is usually missed. I felt I gained a sense of empowerment for myself to then empower my clients. Thank you.

Devika Mohammed, Psychotherapist

Superb training that brought together psychological theory and survivors’ perspectives. It really made me think about how we can work with survivors better and gave practical skills to do so.

Tamsin Davison

Creating a safe environment. Interesting and thought provoking. How to actively engage someone who is ‘triggered’ while being aware of one’s own.

Paul Baune

This was an amazing presentation full of useful tips on how to address some of the issues caused by trauma. The tips on how to de-trigger were particularly useful.

Emma Wilson

One of the best training sessions I have ever attended. The strongest part of it was real people and real stories which brought the message home. It helped to feel the situation. It definitely will help me understand survivors better. Also it gave me a chance to reflect on myself and understand that it’s ok to come from a NOT perfect family. Thank you for allowing me to take part today.

Migle Silickoife

Very enjoyable and informative without using ‘clinical’ language.

Neil Wesley

I have attended other training courses that have covered similar topics, e.g. the way trauma impacts on the brain. Today’s training course was delivered in a much more accessible way though and furthered my understanding. I also found it helpful that Liz shared experiences from her own life – this helped put the discussion into an understandable context. Thank you.

Laura Unwin

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